Vote out PDP for its broken promises: Omar Abdullah

Islamabad: National Conference Working President and former Chief Minister Omar Abdullah on Wednesday described PDP a party of broken promises, saying it is used to making hollow rhetorical promises with the least intention of keeping their word.

“Spell out even one of the promises that has been kept”, Omar Abdullah dared the PDP while addressing a joint National Conference-Congress election rally here this morning after Congress candidate Ghulam Ahmed Mir filed his nomination paper for upcoming by-poll to Islamabad Parliamentary Constituency.

He listed some of the promises made by PDP, as latest as in the past three years, saying the 2014 flood sufferers stand living testimony of the governmental apathy as they are yet to get any respite, least to speak of getting the promised compensation. He said the PDP generated euphoria over compensation and flood relief but once coming into power they left the victims to fend for themselves. Instead of enhancing relief, the PDP found it more convenient to increase the number of pellet bullets to target Kashmiris, he said and asked as to what had happened to the much hyped ‘battle of ideas’. He lamented over launching an unethical battle against the innocent civilians in pursuit of remaining in good books of its mentor and alliance partner.

“The brazen betrayal of PDP’s promise to keep away the BJP from Kashmir was joining them to form the government”, Mr Omar Abdullah said while referring to PDP’s hysterical campaign during 2014 assembly and parliamentary elections against the threat of the Sangh Parivar making inroads in the Valley. But, once the elections were over, the PDP jumped all its demarcated lines and hugged the same party to be in alliance and in the government, he said.

The former Chief Minister expressed grave concern over depriving the people from offering Friday prayers in south Kashmir consecutively for months together. He said the PDP has been instrumental in adding to the miseries of people. In an atmosphere of uncertainty and political instability, the people of the state in general and Kashmir in particular are passing through most difficult times.

“To steer them out of this predicament, the people must come out in large numbers and support Ghulam Ahmed Mir”, the National Conference Working President said, adding that it will be a vote against the broken promises of the PDP.

Omar Abdullah renewed full support of National Conference to the candidature of Mir and said that the party cadre will ensure his landslide victory, which he termed as the victory of the oppressed people of Kashmir.

Senior Congress leaders including Ambika Soni and Pradesh Congress President and the party candidate Ghulam Ahmed Mir also addressed the rally.


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