Won’t allow RSSisation of Kashmir: Mian Altaf

KANGAN: Terming over two year PDP-BJP Government as a period of despair, discontentment and disillusionment,  National Conference on Wednesday observed that the coalition is finding itself in a state of bewilderment as to what all is there to make noise about as the performance during the first hundred days of government has been dismal.

People usually talk of government deficit and in this case there is nothing like governance  but it is bringing the people of different faiths eyeball to eyeball situation to conceal its failures”, former minister and National Conference MLA Mian Altaf Ahmed said while addressing several workers meetings in Kangan assembly constituency of Srinagar Parliamentary constituency.

Altaf lashed out at PDP-BJP for communalizing and polarizing Jammu and Kashmir in a bid to divert attention from the failure of government on all fronts, and  asserted that National Conference will defeat all attempts of RSSisation of the State.

Mian Altaf

“We are at crossroads of  history wherein PDP has become flag-bearer of the BJP in RSSisation of Jammu and Kashmir and plunging it into communal frenzy”, he said and cautioned against the communal forces taking centre-stage, which he described as a bad omen for the pluralistic state.

The former minister referred to persecution of a particularly sect by the present insensitive and anti-people government, saying that a vast mass of Gujjars were being divested of the lands rehabilitated by their ancestors for centuries. He said the PDP was encouraging its coalition partner BJP in this sinister move.

Altaf said that the best way of showing the callous coalition government of its rightful place will be to give the PDP a befitting defeat in the ensuing parliamentary elections. He urged the people to vote and support Dr Farooq Abdullah saying it will further strengthen NC to take on anti-people elements in the state.


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