SRINAGAR: Chief Secretary, Dr Arun Kumar Mehta on Saturday said that there are no chances of corruption at present in Jammu & Kashmir as the online services have been enhanced by the administration from 35 in 2019 to 675 at present.

Dr Mehta said that the recruitment process which was stopped for a short period, will be resumed again in September. “I assure the people that fair appointments will be ensured through the recruitment process. The youth must prepare themselves for the examinations and it will be held soon,” he said.

He added that the people will be helped to get self-employment, but no recommendations will be entertained for the jobs, adding that 2.27 lakh people have been given self employment in J&K so far.

Speaking on the occasion of ‘Corruption Free J&K Day’, Dr Mehta  said that nobody will get jobs in J&K by recommendations, but every single individual will be looked equally and get an opportunity to get the job through a transparent process.

He said that 29,000 people have been appointed in J&K through a transparent process as the recruitment is being carried out in a transparent manner.

As per the official communiqué, The Chief Secretary observed that the system in J&K is transparent and efficient as never before. He made out that before 2019 there were hardly any G2C services offered online and now the number has galloped to 675 in a matter of less than two years.

He mentioned that in terms of the number of projects completed the UT has made phenomenal progress. He stated that earlier the number used to hover around 9000 which has grown to over 925000 works for the previous financial year. He noted that E-Compendiums of these works are made public and there is no complaint from public about any of these works—(KNO)


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