SRINAGAR: A selfie point named ‘#Poloview’ has been set up at the entrance of the recently renovated thoroughfare, Poloview market, in Srinagar.

During a conversation with the media on the sidelines of the installation of the selfie point, Artist Rouble Negi explained that the motive behind setting up the selfie point is to connect people through public art.

“When you come across a beautiful and picturesque spot on the road, you usually stop and take a selfie there. Similarly, Poloview market is a historic location where tourists from all over the world, as well as locals from different parts of Kashmir, visit frequently,” she said.

“We started with #Kashmir, then #Srinagar, #DalLake, and now we are introducing #Poloview. The best thing about this tag is that it has a horse at the end, and we plan to install that too at a later time,” she added.

She further mentioned that they have plans to install many more hashtags across Kashmir, which will not only promote art but also become points of attraction for people. (KNO)


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