National Conference Thursday called PDP-BJP Government’s “cosmetic recycling of its anti-youth” Recruitment Policy as an indication of the Government’s insensitivity and arrogance and termed this as a cruel joke with those unemployed educated youth who had been promised that this policy would not be implemented.

According to a party statement, NC Spokesperson said that the Recruitment Policy continues to be “anti-youth and illogical and has a lot of gray areas” which put the future of our unemployed youth in “peril”.

“First the Government chose the route of an ordinance and sought the Governor’s approval. The Governor, in his wisdom and to protect the interests of the youth, rightfully returned the proposal to the Government after raising specific objections to contradictions and anti-youth features of this policy. Now, after the Governor was involved in this process, the PDP-BJP Government has not only ignored the objections raised by the Governor but also sidelined his role – which was mandated by the ordinance route earlier. This whole evasion of the Governor’s role and this unambiguous sidelining of the objections raised is not only fishy and unbecoming but also reeks of arrogance and tyranny by this anti-youth Government,” the statement said.

“Also, let us remind PDP and BJP that while in opposition, both these parties objected to any contractual, stipendiary recruitment policy were new recruits would be placed in a phase of probation before being permanently employed with full grade and scale benefits. The previous Government had also revoked a stipendiary recruitment policy after seeking extensive feedback from the educated unemployed youth of the State. Now, lo and behold, the PDP-BJP Government has defied its own previous stands by enacting a recruitment policy which has even more adverse features based on the premise of opposition to a stipendiary, contractual mode of employment for the youth. The U-turn Government has enacted a spectacular U-turn here as well – playing with the future of our youth,” the Spokesperson added.


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