Regional autonomy pragmatic option for assuaging people aspirations, says NCs Rana

NAGROTA: National Conference leader Devender Singh Rana has reiterated that regional autonomy is a pragmatic way forward to address political and developmental aspirations of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. He was talking to his followers in a Nagrota village here.

NC Jammu president Devinder Singh Rana to party workers in a Nagrota village

“Time has come for bold initiatives  to end alienation and empower all segments of the society, which is in consonance with the political philosophy of National Conference that believes in people being real masters of their destiny”, Rana said.

The regional and sub-regional autonomy, Rana said, will deflate the balloon of hate and mistrust pumped by divisive forces to remain relevant in the vicious environment of religious polarisation. He expressed concern over alarming growth of hate politics and described it contrary to the assimilative ethos of the state.

“Empowering people will help foil polarising elements and defeating their agenda of dividing the State”, the Provincial President said, adding that National Conference will always work for strengthening the singular entity of Jammu and Kashmir.

Rana said that the three regions of the state have distinct urges and aspirations which can be tackled by constitution of regional councils.

“National Conference appreciated this nearly two decades ago and set in motion the process of consultation that led to formulation of Regional Autonomy Report”, Rana said amid huge applause.

The Provincial President lambasted the BJP for creating hysteria over discrimination for nearly six decades and said that when it came to reckoning they betrayed the people soon after taking over the reins of government. He said the 2014 euphoria is terribly missing with disillusionment growing among people due to policy paralysis of the BJP partnered government, which is struggling to put its act together after plunging the state into unprecedented political and administrative crisis. He said the people of Jammu were particularly feeling let down and betrayed, as their problems, especially on account of utility services like drinking water and power, are accumulating with each passing day.


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