Resignation not enough, put Khan behind bars: Rashid

KL Report


Awami Ittihaad Party (AIP) has demanded stern action against MLA, Rajouri Shabir Khan and said that his resignation is not enough. He should be put behind bars,”Er Rashid, President AIP demanded in a statement on Friday adding “The matter should be handed over to some credible agency for investigation.”

“There is every chance that state government like other cases will definitely do everything to ensure that state police carries out investigation as per its dictate,” Rashid apprehended.

He said, “Let there be no doubt that by seeking resignation of Shabir Khan Coalition government can’t claim to be on the moral ground neither can the Congress run away from the fact that it has been providing full patronage to those involved in scams. Had NC or Congress really been caring of moral values and had they any belief in accountability and transparency then they would have sought resignation from Peerzada Sayeed, Taj Mohidin and Sham Lal Sharma for the serious and visible charges against them. May one know that why didn’t Dr Farooq Abdullah resigned for his involvement in the J&K Cricket Association Scam where even after three months the police has not been able to produce the Chelan despite completing the investigation.”

Rashid said that it is clear that these high profile politicians don’t allow state police and other local investigating agencies to work independently, when it touches their own skin. “The only reason that Congress has forced Shabir Khan to resign is that Congress doesn’t want to suffer electoral loses by taking Shabir Khan’s allegations to its head.”

Rashid further added that people of the state have a right to know from the Chief Minister that what happened to the media reports which had surfaced few years back, revealing that a couple of NC ministers have managed to purchase property worth millions in Dubai.


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