Resolve issues faced by Muslims: Geelani to OIC


Chairman Hurriyat Conference (g), Syed Ali Geelani, on Tuesday urged Organization of Islamic Countries (OIC) to play its active and effective role in resolving the issue faced by Muslim Ummah.

In a statement, Geelani welcomed the OIC statement on Kashmir and expressed hope that this institution “will leave no stone unturned” in playing its effective and pivotal role in world politics.

“Hailing the statement of OIC General Secretary Yousuf A. Al-Othaimeen, wherein he has called India to allow access to the OIC’s Independent Permanent Human Rights Commission in Kashmir, Geelani said there is dire need to represent the aspirations of Kashmir and Palestine issues in their right perspective, saying instead of issuing mere statements, we should take practical and effective measures,”he said in a statement.

“OIC has a greater and pivotal role in international politics, asserted Geelani and stressed OIC authorities to play it’s assigned and outstanding role in resolving the issues related to Kashmir, Palestine and other issues facing Muslim Ummah.”

Geelani said that OIC should impress India to shun its obstinate and military approach against unarmed civilians and fulfill its commitment with oppressed people in Jammu and Kashmir.

Geelani said that India is deliberately overlooking the historical background and facts related to Kashmir issue and while hailing OIC for its stand on Kashmir, urged to raise issue in all international forums and use influence to highlight killings, atrocities, arrest spree, uncalled and unjustified use of brute force against peaceful and innocent citizens, perpetrated by Indian authorities.

Appealing its member countries, Geelani urged to favour and present unanimous resolution in UNO for settlement of Palestine and Kashmir issues and urged to resolve all bilateral and political issues among its members amicably.

Syed Ali Geelani while favouring peaceful political settlement and situations in the region added that member countries should ask UN Secretary-General to find ways and means to impress India to shun its egoistic approach and stop its oppressive forces responsible for prevailing bloodshed in Jammu and Kashmir.

Geelani said that OIC should prevail upon the Indian government to give free access to OIC and other global human rights groups to take on spot stock of the situation with regard to Human Rights abuses in Kashmir. The volatile situation prevailing in Kashmir needs a practical approach by OIC and other International bodies, he added.

Geelani urged OIC to ask UNO to appoint a War Crime Tribunal for Jammu and Kashmir to identify the culprits of Human Rights abuses and to penalize them, because the present situation with respect to gross violation of human rights at the hands of Indian forces, and denial of civil and political liberties has become alarming and grim.

“The indiscriminate use of lethal weapons, pellet guns, bullets, PAWA shells to contain public rallies while chanting slogans for the right to self-determination, has become a routine matter. People are mercilessly killed, maimed arrested, blinded, bruised and molestation of the woman is used as a war weapon by Indian occupation forces. In this grim situation the life, honor and property of the people has become vulnerable,” Geelani added.

“The UN and OIC intervention in almost all the conflict zones and regions of the globe is lauded as a welcome move, saying that it is in this context, the people of Kashmir demand the UN and OIC intervention for a peaceful settlement of the Kashmir issue, lingering for the last seven decades before the UNO, saying that these issues should be assigned top priority to avert any possible nuclear collusion between the two nuclear powers of the sub-continent,” said Geelani in a statement.


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