Revoke termination order of NHM doctor in Kupwara: DAK


Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) today expressed dismay over the termination of NHM doctor, Dr Bilal in Kalaroos Kupwara without any proper enquiry.

President DAK, Dr Suhail Naik in a statement said that a preliminary enquiry was done in one day by two-member team who had neither spoken to the affected patient’s family nor to the concerned doctor and they had compiled the report just based on assumptions and hear-says and were forced to sign the enquiry report made only to pacify the public.

Chief Medical Officer (CMO) Kupwara without holding a proper enquiry into the incident has compelled the DDC Kupwara to terminate the said doctor for reasons and enmity best known to him.

A delegation of Doctors Association Kashmir  (DAK) led by Senior leader Dr Mohd Yusuf Tak today met the DDC Kupwara and CMO Kupwara to show dismay and displeasure over the termination of the said doctor. DDC Kupwara provided all help and has forwarded the case to the higher authorities for revocation of the termination order.

Meanwhile, the two-member committee who had compiled the enquiry report based on assumptions have given in writing that they had not done proper enquiry and had recommended for a proper enquiry by the experts and their preliminary report cannot be taken into account for any action against the said doctor.

Dr Arshed Trag, Joint Secretary DAK said that it is illogical and beyond human comprehension that how come a doctor is terminated without a thorough probe and without consulting the patient’s family or the victimised doctor.

Dr Ajaz, District President DAK for Kupwara said that it is the failure of the administration especially the Chief Medical Office Kupwara who have recommended the termination of the said doctor to DDC Kupwara without proper enquiry. It is highly shameful and cannot be tolerated. Doctors are already working under high risk due to excessive patient load and conflict nature of the region.

Doctors Association Kashmir (DAK) requests the Mission Director NHM to look into this matter urgently so that an innocent doctor is not made scapegoat for administrative failure and he must not lose job for no fault of his. Doctors Association Kashmir expresses full sympathy and share the grief with the patient and her family and we recommend a proper enquiry into the incident till that time the said doctor can be attached but not terminated. Justice must be done both with the family as well as with the doctor.


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