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Outgoing Director General of Police Ashok Prasad Saturday said that the capacity of Jammu and Kashmir police to create an environment for free and fair elections is increasing while the police have been able to reduce the  level of violence generally associated with the elections especially the threats from militants, poll boycott calls forwarded by certain groups.

Talking to reporters on the sidelines of farewell Parade at Armed Police Complex Zewan Srinagar, Prasad said that the trend of government forces to work jointly that has been started a long back will continue and he is sure the new DGP K. Rajendra will take this forward and all the security agencies that operate in Jammu and Kashmir will continue to work in coordination.

“We have got a large amount of resources from different security agencies deployed here and we have realized that unless we don’t work in coordination, we won’t be able to exploit the things to their fullest. This is the strategy, which is being adopted. The Jammu and Kashmir Police, CRPF, Army and other Para-military forces have devised a process by which all officers and others interact with each other so that they understand the real objective and understand that their strategy is common and their goal is one,” he said adding that any breakdown in the mechanism is likely to harm the whole system.

According to CNS, Prasad said that as a result of the joint efforts put by security agencies particularly Jammu and Kashmir Police, the overall trend of violence and militancy has come down.  “It is not something that can be brought down very quickly. These issues are being addressed gradually and progressively.The process of synergy has been reached to its highest level and government forces have exhibited this time and again,” he said.

When asked the crime rate in Kashmir Valley is on rise, Prasad said that first priority of the police is to control the militancy. The second priority is the management of law and order and the third priority, “which we are now going to address and we are trying to address is related to traffic accidents which accounts for very large number of casualties in the state far more than militancy. We are in the process of channelizing and reallocating our resources and take care of these priorities,” he said that after that the priority of police is to check drug menace.

Earlier, the outgoing State Police Chief in his address said that to deal with law and order situations “he made all his sincere efforts” at all levels, “starting with my predecessor Kupdeep Khoda for converting the police force into one of the finest counter insurgency forces in the world.”

“I am very glad that from one and a half years I am here we have continued the tradition which has been set by Kuldeep Khoda and on law and order front we had very large number of successes,” he said admitting that there are gaps that needs attention.


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