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Strongly condemning the police ‘highhandedness’ in Sonawari constituency, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Saturday demanded immediate suspension of SHO, Hajin, who ‘in league with the local lawmaker’ has unleashed reign of ‘terror’ in the area.

In a statement a party, Spokesperson alleged, “the SHO, Hajin, reportedly on the direction of the local MLA, has been summoning the youth to the police station on different pretexts from many days now. He said the youth are being beaten and humiliated in the police station, not only by the police but by some National Conference goons also, which has made the entire population feel scared and is giving feel of the Ikhwan era like situation.”

“Giving examples of Azhar-U-Din and Showkat Ahmad Sheikh,” the Spokesperson said, “the two young men were called in to police station, only because they had not voted for the NC in the recently concluded Lok Sabha polls.”

The spokesperson further said that they were later ‘ruthlessly beaten first by a ruling party goon’, who was earlier associated with the dreaded Ikhwan, inside the police station and then by police. “Both of them were released later in unconscious state and are now being treated in hospital,” the Spokesperson added.

“After being rejected by the people, the local lawmaker is now feeling jittery and that is why he is resorting to such ridiculous acts in the area with the help of the police,” the statement alleged.

The Spokesman said the harassment of the youth should immediately end and strong action must be take immediately action against the SHO who is behaving like a ‘ruling party agent’ than a responsible officer.


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