After Sagar, Rashid Says Geelani Is A Leader Of Masses

KL Report


Castigating Peoples Democratic Party and other leaders for casting doubts on the timing of  Geelani’s release from confinement, Chairman Awami Itihad party, Engineer Rashid Friday said that Geelani’s free movement would help Kashmir cause and it would prove beneficial for those people who yearn for the resolution of Kashmir issue.

Rashid told CNS that Geelani should be given free hand to propagate his ideology. “Ultimately, time would tell what Kashmiri people want and whom they support. You can’t claim to be the representatives of people by caging an old leader like Geelani. Let him move and address people freely as he has every right to do so,” Rashid said.

Welcoming the decision of the government to allow Geelani to address people in Sopore, Rashid said that those people who cast doubt over his release should know that Geelani is a towering personality and he has huge following.

“Do these leaders want Geelani to remain inside forever? I think, government has taken a good step by releasing Geelani. Geelani has his own ideology and it is up to people to decide which ideology they want to pursue,” Rashid said.

He said it was good to see Geelani moving freely without any police restrictions. “I believe that Geelani’s free movement would play a pivotal role in the resolution of Kashmir issue. Geelani stands for the resolution of Kashmir issue and represents the aspirations of common people. Those who deny his influence and power are living in a fool’s paradise,” Rashid said. (


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