Sajad Lone Condemns Govt ‘Tactics’ Against Employees

KL Report


The Chairman Peoples Conference Sajad Gani Lone has strongly condemned the ‘tactics’ used by the government to quell the struggle of the employees.

In a statement issued to KNS, Lone has said the actions of the government, were condemnable but certainly not surprising.

“For the National Conference, the use of force even in the minutest civilian affairs is an article of faith and coercion an inherent part of their ideology.” The government of the day, Lone added, needs to understand that conflicts cannot be resolved by force. The means used by the government to silence the employees are intimidating to say the very least.

“The government is in a serious disconnect mode with the people that it purports to govern. The strikes called by the employees at times translate into hardships for the people and the government hardly cares. The random raids carried out by the police to arrest employees leaders is highly deleterious to the very basic concept of democracy. It is time that the government of the day understands that there is a conflict which needs to be resolved and wouldn’t go away by intimidation and coercion.”


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