Salah-ud-Din Appeals People To Observe Oct 27 As Black Day

KL Report


Terming October 27, as the ‘blackest day in the history of sub-continent’, the United Jihad Council chairman, Syed Salah-ud-Din has appealed to the people to observe it as black day.

In a statement issued to CNS, UJC Chief said that, “on October 27, 1947, India airdropped its army on the Jammu and Kashmir to take control. It forcibly enslaved its people. But people of Kashmir never accepted this occupation and enslavement and are continuing their struggle for freedom for the past 63 years, offering sacrifices of life and property.”

He said that the Indian armed forces martyred over five lakh people and injured lakhs of others. Thousands have been maimed, thousands of women widowed, lakhs of children orphaned and hundreds of human habitations devastated and destroyed. But this struggle still continues and will continue till the departure of last Indian soldier from the land of J&K,” said Salah-ud-Din.

He said that India would retreat from Kashmir in the same way as Russia retreated from Afghanistan and US from Iraq.


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