Sallahuddin Condemns Killing of Father-Son Duo in Sopore



Strongly condemning the killing of three-year old Burhan and his father by unidentified gunmen in Sopore, chief of militant outfit Hizbul Mujahideen Syed Sallahuddin Monday said that killers in this case are not worth to be called humans.

In an emailed statement to KNS, Hizb spokesperson, Saleem Hashmi quoted Sallahuddin said, “the barbaric act of killing a three-year old Burhan was an aimed to tarnish the image of Islam and the freedom fighters in Kashmir.” “Such killers cannot have any association with Islam or with Kashmir’s freedom movement,” he asserted.

The Hizb chief alleged, “Special Operation Group (SOG) of state police and their paid agents might be behind the killing.”

He said that Modi led BJP government “wanted to revive” the Ikhwan era in Kashmir and the spate of killings by “so called unidentified men” was part of this nefarious design of New Delhi, which actually was revealed by statement by Modi’s defence minister in March in this regard.

“Modi government is hell-bent upon to revive the SOG culture in the state. But we will not let their designs to succeed,” he quoted Hizb Chief as having said.

The Hizb chief also “criticised a section of media for creating an impression” that such killing were taking place as a result of factional war between Hizbul Mujahideen and Lashkar-i-Islam. He maintained, “media should refrain from such state-sponsored narrative,” adding, “there was no organisation in the name of Lashkar-i-Islam.” “Indian agencies are actually using name of Lashkari Islam to cover its nefarious activities,” he said.


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