Senior Journalist Kuldeep Nayar passes away


Kuldeep Nayar

A noted Indian journalist, columnist and commentator, Kuldeep Nayar passed away in New Delhi at around 1 am on Thursday.

During his career Nayar wore many hats and worked as a journalist, diplomat, parliamentarian and as an author. He has also served as India’s High Commissioner to the United Kingdom.

Nayar has extensively written about Kashmir and was involved in the track II diplomacy as well.

Last time Nayar attended a media summit in Kashmir in 2015, where he said Kashmir has changed beyond recognition, becoming visibly “anti-Indian”. He later came up with his piece titled “The Change in Kashmir”, which was extensively shared on social networking sites.

Nayar was the person who broke JKLF’s chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik’s fast-unto-death on the condition that he should be allowed personally to conduct a probe into human rights violations by the Indian forces in Kashmir. Once the report was completed, Nayar wrote, “We produced a report and found Yasin’s allegations mostly correct. The report was quoted widely by Pakistan to the embarrassment of the Indian government.”

Nayar has written over a dozen books as well, and is best known for his works like: ‘Between the Lines’, ‘Scoop! – Inside stories from Partition to the present’, ‘Distant Neighbours: A tale of the Subcontinent’, among others.

Nayar is survived by his wife and two sons.

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