Shabir Shah calls Muzaffar Beigh a ‘failed lawyer’ who should learn real interpretation of law

KL Report


Terming the statement of PDP’s Muzaffar Husaain Beigh’s West Pakistan Refugees (WPR ) remarks as “misleading” and “far from reality”, Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir leader and Chairman Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) Sunday said that by raking up the issue of WPR, PDP is trying to strike a good deal with BJP in a sound position.

Questioning the political vision of Beigh, Shah said the PDP leader should re-learn the interpretation of law as he (Beigh) has produced vague and irrelevant formula of settling WPR in the state by touching the issues of US, Bangladeshi and Burman Muslims.

“Such nonsense of finding ‘middle path’ can come only from the mouth of a failed lawyer,” Shah said. “This shows Beigh’s political immaturity.”

Shah said that the issue of US, Burman and Bangladeshi Muslims is entirely different from that of West Pak Refugees. “Beigh’sstatement was aimed at scoring political points and grabbing of power. By issuing such statements, Beigh couldn’t even impress anyone and everyone came to know about his intentions,” he said.

Reacting against PDP leader’s “humanitarian” comment, Shah said, “Where was Beigh’s humanitarian approach when resolution regarding Shaheed Afzal Guru was passed in State Assembly. Why they staged a walk out that time? Now they are raking up this ‘humanitarian’ issue as they are in need of power.”

Shah further said, “We would never allow the anti-Kashmir policies of PDP-BJP to succeed and would fight them tooth and nail.”

Reiterating his stand vis-a-vis WPRs, Shah said that on humanitarian grounds, these refugees are to be settled in other parts of India as per accepted norms during partition. “On one hand, Sri Lankan and Tamil refugees are sent back and on the other WPRs are thrust upon Kashmiris in order to change the demography and Muslim majority status of Jammu Kashmir. Before taking any decision regarding such sensitive issues the people of the state should be consulted before as it concerns their future,” Shah added.


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