Shabir Shah’s health worsening in Tihar jail: JKDFP


The incarcerated chief of Jammu Kashmir Democratic Freedom Party (JKDFP) Shabir Shah though very ill in Tihar jail, on Tuesday said that the change of guard in Jammu Kashmir does not matter because faces are being changed by New Delhi after intervals however the fact on ground is that the people of the “disputed territory” are continuously deprived of their right to self-determination as guaranteed to them by the world community. He said that New Delhi has been using Sheikhs, Bakhshis, Sadiqs, Qasims, Abdullahs and Muftis to hoodwink people so if some new face emerges in future that should not surprise the people nor should they get trapped in any political gimmicks.

The spokesman said that family members, after visiting Shabir Shah at Tihar jail, are seriously worried about his drastic weight loss. The wife of Shabir Shah had gone to meet him along with her two daughters. She informed the party that for the first time they were allowed to meet Shah face to face in a room and on seeing him after a long gap she and her both the daughters were shocked to see Shah’s weak condition. Shah has lost more than 15kgs wait and gone pale and could not even walk and stand properly. Both the daughters started crying on seeing the condition of their jailed father and it became very difficult to even for the jail authorities to console them. As the environment became so gloomy that they could not even talk to each other, the family left within 10 minutes. On their second meeting a day after, they met Shah again as per routine through the glass window.

The family informed the party that Shabir Shah’s health has drastically worsened which has really disturbed them. They said that Shah has been suffering from serious life-threatening ailments and authorities are playing with his life.

However, the wife of the incarcerated leader said that despite severe ill health the morale of Shabir Shah is very high. “Shah Sahib said that might is never right.”

Meanwhile, the JKDFP spokesperson strongly condemned the killing of yet another civilian at Cheddar Kulgam. He also expressed sorrow on the death of Srigufwara youth who was injured in government forces action.


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