‘What can be uglier than playing politics in the name of human blood’: Yasin Malik


JKLF chairman Muhammad Yasin Malik on Monday while condemning the ongoing violence in Kashmir, said that from last three years Kashmiris are being killed mercilessly but form last ten days this “bloodbath” has been speeded-up alarmingly and dozens of innocent Kashmiris have fallen to the bullets of government forces during these days.

The spokesman in a statement said that Yesterday, a civilian Yawar Ahmad was fired upon while as two others including Shakoor Ahmad Dar from Kulgam were killed. Only two days back in a similar manner five Kashmiris were killed at Sirigufwara and injured dozens among whom one Shahid Nazir Hajam succumbed to his injuries yesterday. Also on the last day of Ramazan and on Eid day, three unarmed Kashmiris were brutally killed by men in uniform and even today forces have opened fire at Nadihal Faridabad injuring one Ubaid Manzoor Lone seriously.

JKLF chairman said that what can be more atrocious than playing politics on human blood and tragedy and only fascists following the footsteps of Hitler and Mussolini can do this horrible job, asserted JKLF chairman. He said from last day of Ramazan, a new phase of terror and oppression was launched by India in the name of disciplining common people. Crackdowns in the name of CASO are being launched especially in south Kashmir during which people without the discrimination of age and gender are beaten, tortured, vandalized and intimidated by Indian colonial forces. All this is naked terrorism and world including the UN needs to look into this and halt this aggression.

Malik has urged the UN human rights council to have a human heart and sympathetic look towards oppressed Kashmiris and intervene to stop ongoing violence in the valley.

Malik was arrested on today morning from his residence. He was immediately shifted to police station Kothibagh.


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