Shahnawaz’s statement on Kashmir polls contrary to reality: HCJK

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While terming the ongoing elections as undemocratic and illegal, spokesperson of Hurriyat Conference Jammu Kashmir (HCJK) has termed recent statement of Shahnawaz Hussian who is national spokesperson of Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) as childish and contrary to the reality.
He said, Shahnawaz should be aware of matter that according to UN resolutions any elections in Jammu and Kashmir will not dilute the status of disputed territory.

Giving details about the election boycott programme, spokesperson said we are not taking part in elections as India are holding these so called democratic elections under the shadow of gun and projected them in accordance to their own interests.

Terming Shahnawaz’s statement as thoughtless and comic story, spokesperson asked him to pinpoint any country where opposition during elections are being kept behind bars and are treated as undemocratic.

While replying to BJP’s national spokesperson he said, if these elections give mandate to India to oppress then why not they hold referendum in Kashmir and results will clear the atmosphere.

Hurriyat spokesperson while addressing to Shanawaz said, reality can’t be fine-tuned in accordance to need and political status can’t change with throwing opposition into jails.

Suggesting Shahnawaz to advice Indian leadership that by changing facts and figures, state of affairs can’t be claimed as ‘won’, he said while adding that instead of entering into any mistake and holding Kashmir issue for long, India must address Kashmir issue in accordance with the resolutions passed in the UN. Else, Kashmir issue can become the source of third world war from Asian borders and will engulf whole world.
Spokespersons on the arresting of its Hurriyat leadership during election time, asked Shahnawz to explain the position and policy.

Spokesperson has also condemned the brutal attack on Kashmiri students in Haryana by goons and left several injured in the incident.


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