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Stating that the situation in Kashmir is scary, India’s prominent social worker, former minister in charge of PMO and ex-Rajya Sabha member, Kamal Morarka Monday said that Government of India has completely curtailed the liberties of people in Valley. He said that it is shameful on part of India that they are not even allowing Octogenarian leader Syed Ali Geelani to hold a religious congregation inside his house.

“I was shocked during my stay in Kashmir. There is no democracy, no civil rights and liberties for common people. You can’t hold a peaceful demonstration while disproportionate force is used by the government to muzzle the voice of the people. Despite enjoying special status, Kashmir has become a ‘Hell’ due to wrong approach of the State and Central Government,” Kamal Morarka said while addressing a Press Conference on Monday in Srinagar’s Hotel Lalit.

Morarka said people in Kashmir laughed at them when he talked about Indian democracy. “People from Gujarat and Maharashtra enjoy more rights than people of Kashmir despite the fact the state of Jammu and Kashmir enjoys a special status. “Anger in Kashmir is everywhere. India knows the reality and still acting as a ostrich. New Delhi is trying to tire out people of Kashmir, little did it know that new generation of Kashmir is up in the arms against it. The current unrest in Kashmir showed that people here are united and ready to suffer losses. It is stupidity on part of Indian media when they claim that stone-pelters are paid. This is the worst journalism on part of Indian media houses. These media house twist facts and mislead the people of India about Kashmir,” he said.

The former Minister according to news agency CNS said that Kashmir needs a solution and this time if India fails to deliver, then the situation will go out of control. “Rewind the clock back to 1947 and restore the Article 370 in its original form. Government of India has miserably failed to win the hearts and minds of Kashmiri people. The repressive policies must come to an end. Space should be given to the political leaders while maiming, killing and blinding people should immediately stop,” he said.

Journalist Santosh Bharti castigated some Indian news channels for propagating hatred against Kashmiri people. “It is unfortunate that most of the Indian journalists have become the spokespersons of politicians. The Indian print is reluctant to portray Kashmir in true form while news channels thrive on lies about Kashmir,” he said and appealed Indian journalists to visit Kashmir to know the ground reality.



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