Sheikh Abdullah’s 36th death anniversary being observed tomorrow


National Conference on Friday said that the 36th death anniversary of Sher-e-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah is being observed throughout the State tomorrow.

NC President Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Vice President Omar Abdullah have paid rich tributes to the late leader, describing him as the “architect and founder of educative, progressive and secular democratic society in Jammu and Kashmir based on justice, equality and amity between all regions and all sections of the society.”

“Highlighting the struggle and sacrifices made by Sher-i-Kashmir for the cause of people and the State throughout his life, Dr. Farooq Abdullah and Mr. Omar Abdullah said that welfare and public empowerment was his cherished desire and he made all possible endeavours in this direction,” said a statement issued by the party.

“Sheikh Sahib propagated and nurtured amity, brotherhood and mutual trust between various sections of the society and lived as a torch-bearer of Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isahi unity. His slogan of‘Sher-i-Kashmir Ka Kya Irshad, Hindu-Muslim-Sikh Itihad’ (What is the direction of Sher-i-Kashmir? – It is the unity between Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh) still reverberates in the hearts and minds of people and its resonance is equally felt in the mountains, valleys and planes of Jammu and Kashmir”, said Farooq and vowed his commitment for strengthening this preaching and teaching of Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah.

Dr Farooq said that Sher-i-Kashmir Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah laid the edifice of ‘Naya Kashmir’ with a clear vision of public empowerment and involvement in the formulation and implementation of development plans in accordance with the aspirations of the people and requirements of the areas.

He said that his government would put in all efforts to work for realizing the progressive, peaceful and economically welfare New Jammu and Kashmir envisioned by the late leader.

In a message on the eve of the death anniversary of Sher-i-Kashmir, Omar Abdullah said that the best way of paying tributes to the “great leader is to follow his footprints and work together for achieving peace and prosperity for the State and strengthening the cherished secular democratic values advocated and propagated by Sheikh Sahib.”

Omar said the foundation laid by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah to universalize education and healthcare facilities in the State and uplift the downtrodden sections of the society by upgrading their socio-economic and educational status clearly describes the love Sheikh Sahib possessed for the common people especially belonging to poorer sections of the society.

The NC Vice President said that the concept of single line administration and devolution of power from central level to grassroots introduced and implemented by Sheikh Mohammad Abdullah constitutes the necessary pillar in good-governance and public empowerment.

He said that the revolutionary measure of land to tiller taken by Sheikh Sahib has helped a lot to engulf the gap between have and have not’s and built a society on the principle of equality and justice.


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