Shopian Killing: Shabir Shah’s party attacks BJP lawmaker


Democratic Freedom Party (DFP) on has lashed out at BJP’s lawmaker Ravinder Raina for justifying the innocent killings at the hands of Indian army in Shopian.

While answering Raina’s statement “army did the right thing by opening fire”, the DFP spokesman said that Raina and company must note that Kashmiri people cannot give up their legitimate political demand because of the statements of communal forces of India. It is better for people like Ravinder Raina to consult any psychiatrist rather than barking in the so-called assembly.

The DFP said that elements like Ravinder Raina are responsible for the bloodshed at the hands of government forces because the men in uniform get encouraged by these goons who get pleasure out of killings of human beings.

The DFP statement said that Ravinder Raina’s mental sickness has in fact exposed the so-called rulers who for deceiving common people shed crocodile tears on civilian killings. But the people know that those who shed crocodile tears enjoy power by the support of the elements like Ravinder Riana.

The communal elements like Ravinder Raina must remember that Kashmiri people have never forgotten the human values even after facing at the hands of the Indian forces. We stress upon India to exhibit maturity and accept the historical facts about Kashmir dispute and shun the policy of stubbornness so that precious lives are saved. Arrogance of power, stubborn and inflexible approach of India is the basic cause of the ongoing bloodshed in Kashmir.

Meanwhile, the DFP has condoled senior Hurriyat leader Agha Syed Hassan Budgami Al-Moosavi Al- Safvi on the passing away of his maternal uncle, Agha Syed Mohammad Fazlullah. Paying tributes to the deceased soul, the DFP said that he was a known religious scholar. The party prayed for the forgiveness of the deceased and patience of the bereaved.


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