Siachen Snow Storm: Miracle Survivor loses Battle of Life



Hanamanthappa Koppad
Hanamanthappa Koppad

The miracle survivor in Siachen Snow Storm died Thursday afternoon.

He passed away on Thursday at 11:45am.

The Army Research and Referral Hospital had said on Wednesday evening that his condition had worsened “despite aggressive therapy and supportive care”.

Snow storm hit world’s highest battle ground February 04 burying ten Indian armed personnel.

After intense search by special squads who flew to Siachen from New Delhi, a day after the snow avalanche, found one personnel alive after six days. Mortal remains of other nine were sent to their families respectively.

Lance Naik Hanamanthappa Koppad was found alive after six days who was flown to Army’s Research and Referral Hospital at New Delhi.

Indian Express reported that Hanamanthappa was detected with the help of a radar, but rescue teams had little hope of “discovering him alive”.

He was pulled out around 7.30 PM on last Monday, his pulse was weak and he was drowsy and disoriented. He was immediately evacuated and treated at the post before being flown to Delhi via Thoise on Tuesday.

“About 150-200 personnel from nearby posts and units, including the 19 Madras Regiment to which Hanamanthappa belongs, were engaged in round-the-clock rescue work since the avalanche. The rescue teams, which also included two sniffer dogs, Dot and Misa, were equipped with radars, snow cutting equipment, medical equipment, Doppler radars and thermal detectors. They also had specialised digging and boring equipment, like rock drills, electrical saws and earth augers to break blue ice, which is harder than rock,” the report added.


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