KL Report


In continuing with its anti encroachment drive, Srinagar Municipal Corporation in coordination with Police and Traffic Police in the first phase cleared all the foot path and road side encroachments from south and east city areas.

The various areas where from the encroachments were removed in the first phase included Lal  Chowk, Badshah Chowk, KMD, Maulana Azad road, Tourist Centre, Dalgate, Sonwar, Shaheed Gunj, Jahangir Chowk, Hari Singh High Street etc.

Despite facing strong public resentment at few places, the Enforcement team assisted by police and traffic police succeeded in conducting the drive.

 The anti encroachment drive shall be  taken up in north west areas of the city soon after removing all the encroached foot paths and road side spaces from south and east areas of the city.

The shopkeepers and street vendors were strictly directed not to display any sort of goods outside their shops and all the wrongly parked vehicles were indicated as wrong parking by pasting a sticker on them and the information was passed on to Police and RTO for further necessary action to be taken

“In case of reoccupying the encroached spaces the goods and various articles including the raida’s will be seized on the risk and cost of offender and the seized goods shall be further auctioned” said Chief Enforcement SMC  Officer Hakeem Aijaz further adding that no such offender shall be spared and shall be taken to task under law.


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