South Kashmir has rejected PDP: NC

KL Report


National Conference Spokesman Junaid Azim Mattu, in a statement issued from Srinagar has said that with the completion of elections for the Islamabad-Pulwama Parliamentary Seat, the enthusiasm of the people in South Kashmir to re-elect National Conference and reject PDP was now a reality that nobody could deny. Mattu said “The NC-Congress wave has swept South Kashmir and with the momentum it has also swept away the lies and canards of the BJP-PDP hidden nexus. Today the people of South Kashmir have come out to reject Mehbooba Mufti, her party and the lies that they propagate in supposedly their alleged bastion. PDP should see the writing on the wall and stop fooling the people now”.

According to a statement issued to KNS, while stating that National Conference was confident of a thumping victory in the Islamabad-Pulwama Parliamentary Seat, Junaid Mattu said “We are confident that the people of South Kashmir have rejected PDP in its own alleged bastion and the strong resentment against PDP MLAs in South Kashmir is a result of the party’s absolvement of its duties in the Assembly”. Junaid Mattu said the overwhelming rejection of PDP in South Kashmir was an endorsement of secularism and inclusiveness and a total and complete rejection of communal forces and their hidden allies within the State.

Junaid Mattu said that PDP’s apologist claims to justify its dismal performance in South Kashmir was a deflection from the ground reality. “PDP’s big baloon of hot air and hollow words has finally exploded revealing the party’s absolute erosion at the grassroots level”, Mattu said while stating that PDP’s lack of an ideological cadre was the reason for the party’s poor performance. Conversely, Mattu said National Conference has a two pronged presence at the grassroots level. Junaid Mattu said “NC has a passionate and dedicated ideological cadre and we also have an up-swell of support at the grassroots level for our party since unlike PDP we do not believe in outsourcing constituencies to political contractors”.

Refuting irresponsible statements from PDP about the turnout in South Kashmir, the NC Spokesman said that National Conference has all along worked for greater participation of the people in the elections and has rendered numerous sacrifices to safeguard democracy at a time when Mufti Mohammad Sayeed chose rehabilitation in Uttar Pradesh. Mattu said “PDP’s posturing is akin to them calling the grapes sour and the party has conceded defeat in South Kashmir by now running to give reasons for its rout in South Kashmir”. PDP has been routed from South Kashmir not because of high or low turnout but because of its nexus with communal forces and its anti-people activities.  Stating that National Conference had always maintained that the party would retain all three Parliamentary Seats from Kashmir, Junaid Mattu said that PDP will face even bigger rejections from the people in Baramulla and Srinagar Parliamentary Seats. 


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