Soz Assures Copper Workers For Sorting Out Difficulties

KL Report


State congress chief Prof. Saifuddin Soz has assured Copper Workers and Artisans of Srinagar that the Department of Industries and J&K Police would sort out the difficulties in respect of interference in their livelihood by owners of Machines that are being used illegally to produce Copper Utensils.

Prof. Soz had explained their problems to the Minister of Industries and High Officials of the Police Department that as per the provisions of the act relating to manufacture of copper utensils, use of Machine is strictly prohibited. He has therefore, asked Copper Workers and Artisans to lodge complaint against owners of Machines that are used for manufacturing Copper goods.

Prof. Soz has assured to these Copper Workers that their problem has been fully explained to the Minister Concerned Sajad Ahmad Kichloo and there is no questions of allowing Machine Owners to indulge in fraudulent practice of manufacturing of utensils through Machines.

Prof. Soz has also told the Copper Workers and Artisans that Police Department has  at the highest level,  assured him ( Prof. Soz) that the Machine Owners would not be allowed to manufacture Copper Utensils in future.


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