Special prayers: Worshipers seek divine intervention to get rid of swine flu

KL Report


A special prayer session was held at historic Jamia Masjid during which the worshippers sought divine intervention of Allah to get rid of life threatening swine flu diseases from Kashmir.

Hurriyat Conference (M) chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq also participated in the special prayers session during which the worshippers sought forgiveness and beseeched Allah to get Kashmir rid of the deadly swine flu disease and protect the people of Kashmir from any such eventuality in the future as well.

Apart from Jamia Masjid, special prayers sessions were also held in masjids, Khanqahs and Imambaras during which the devotees prayed for the well being of Kashmiris and sought blessings from Allah to get protection against deadly H1N1 virus.

Meanwhile, according to Hurriyat (M) spokesman conglomerate leaders Mukhtar Ahmad Waza and Javaid Ahmad Mir addressed a gathering at Kaimoh Kulgam during which they stressed upon the need of solution of Kashmir issue to bring peace and stability in South Asia.

“Asserting that the politics based on hegemony and military suppression was not acceptable to Kashmiris, the leader said force and suppression would not deter Kashmiris from fighting for the right to self determination.  The leaders said that India can’t turn its eyes away from the historical realties linked to Kashmir dispute, adding, the need of the hour was that the Indian leadership should accept realities and take urgent steps towards solution of Kashmir issue on permanent basis,” he said.

Referring to Kunan Poshpura rape incident, the leaders said that 24 years have passed, but the victims of this infamous incident have not received any reprieve or justice. They said that the people who claimed to adhere by democratic value have even failed to try even one accused personnel involved in the heinous crime.

The leaders said that Kunan Poshpura incident would always remain a black spot in the history of Kashmir which would “remind us of the injustice and repression and sufferings for demanding right to self determination.”


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