Out of 23,234 Govt schools, 14,116 don’t have toilet facilities, says MHRD

KL Report


In what could be described as appalling situation of government schools in Jammu and Kashmir, Union Ministry of Human Resources Development has revealed that out of 23,234 government schools, 14,116 don’t have toilet facilities for students.

The MHRD official information reveals that out of 23,234 schools, 6294 schools don’t have toilet facilities for girls and similarly 7822 schools don’t have toilet facilities for boys. This information has been revealed by the Central Department of School Education and Literacy in its survey.

Commenting on the issue one of the government school teacher said that children always cry for the shortage of infrastructure and there is no one to listen to them. “The students and the teachers in government schools are being denied the basic facilities which are provided even to the prisoners,” she said.

“It is an open fact that government schools fail to provide basic amenities to students which is the major reason for growth of private institutions,” one of the parents whose ward is admitted in Jogilankar Boys Middle School (which lacks toilet facility) said.

Meanwhile, sources told KNS that state government has made strict rules for private schools under SRO 123 of 2010 regarding drinking water facility and toilet facility, but surprisingly there are no such rules for the government-run schools.

“As per the SRO123, each private school should have separate toilet facility for boys, girls and the staff. But when it comes to government schools it does not apply here,” they said.

“Government is making the students to pay for their parents’ inability to send their wards to private schools by denying them most basic facilities a human being requires,” they added.


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