In view of restrictions on business operations and public movement imposed as part of measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 in the district, the Srinagar administration has designated 23 department stores which will home-deliver groceries as ordered to residents.

District Magistrate Srinagar Dr Shahid Iqbal Choudhary has issued orders in this regard under the national disaster management act 2005.

Under this arrangement, the designated department stores will take orders over the telephone from residents and deliver groceries as ordered at their doorsteps.

The designated department stores include 7/11 at Sanatnagar (969600048), Daily Needs at Nowgam (7006312587 or 7006300000), Wholesale Bazar at Bemina (7006889697 or 9906465107), Dilshan Shopping Mall at Shalteng (9419010125 or 7006873085), Cash & Carry at Jawahar Nagar (9419030337), A to Z Department Store at Rajbagh (7780821249), Pick & Choose at Lal Chowk (9419446518 or 7051505040), Market Place at Nishat (7006487497 or 7006157396), Kashmir Mart at Sonwar (9797177000 or 7006103418), Gul Traders at Naisarak Gawkadal (9419075762 or 7006646548), Royal Bazar at Khanyar (9541316926), Royal Bazar at Lal Bazar (9682563883), Beigh Department Store at Botakadal (7889744424), Treats Special Mart at 90 Feet (9622620098 or 9906404756), Wholesale Trading Mart at Rawalpora (9906623333), Home Sense at Parayora (8082622968), Carry More at Barbarshah (7006052980 or 9419006078), Favorit Store at Alamgari Bazar (9419556666 or 9070444888), KGN Supermarket at Indira Nagar (9811028205), Veth Supermarket at Zakura (9596433788 or 9906844343), Capital Department Store at Karan Nagar (9796953668), Mir’s Department Store at Lal Bazar (9419565048) and Houseful at Qamarwari (7889542515).

The order states that each of these stores has designated two staff members who will take orders and then ensure their deliveries at the doorsteps of the orderers.

Dr Shahid said the arrangement has been made for the convenience of the residents and to ensure adherence to guidelines aimed at containing spread of the disease and smooth management of the situation.

The orders directs that operations of all these stores shall remain restricted to purposes as stated in the order adding that none of these stores can open for regular business and that their shutters must remain closed all the time.

The administration has designated observers to keep a constant vigil on the operation of these stores. The order states that deviation from instructions as stated therein will result in strict penalisation against store owners and immediate closure of the stores.


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