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Kashmir Life lens man Bilal Bahadur travelled to the parts of old town Srinagar and its outskirts, which are under curfew since last two days.

Even though he was stopped at least twice by the men in uniform from entering the heavily barricaded city, he managed to capture some pictures which are enough to understand the situation of ‘Curfewed Sringar’.

Habbak Naseem Bagh

Meerakshah Colony



Jamia Masjid


Nawhatta Chowk


  1. This refers to the the killing of a youth Tahir Rasool Sofi in Baramullah is not the first unfortunate incident. It seems that the forces are not in a mood to stop killings of the innocent people.
    After every innocent killing, they come with different justifications and the government orders probe. The show goes on with no speed breaker ahead.
    It is to be seen as who is creating threat to the normalcy, “security forces” or anybody else. Until and unless, the security forces, particularly army, are not made answerable, there would be no peace at all.
    Under the protection of AFSPA and other blind laws, the innocent killings by security forces go on unabated.
    The said army has in baramullah has made the entire population subject to atrocities in the past as well. The government should remove this army camp from the area and the army unit should also be changed so that people feel a little bit relaxed. Otherwise, the process of innocent killings may never stop. The army leadership should also change their colonial mindset towards Kashmir.Killing annocents will yield nothing but can work as fuel on a fire. Day by day the army seems to bypass the directivies of union government.The chief minister, Omar Abdullah, is only defending his chair and he seems not practical.
    Let it be asked that who in fact is the enmy of normalcy here? Fact of the matter is that things will not improve unless the forces are made accountable and answerable for act of theirs. Under the protective umbrella of AFSPA, the army enjoys impunity and gets away with the killing of innocent people. Time is ripe that such draconian laws are revoked and army made accountable.
    If the situation continues as it is and army, in the so called national interest, is allowed to kill innocents, it will prove very counter productive for India.
    We appeal all the political parties of kashmir whether that are mainstreamists or profreedom to forget the past and jointly pressurise the Govt of India for the settlement of kashmir dispute.
    Thanks Tahir Majeed Lone,Handwara,[email protected]


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