SSM College: ‘Students Pose as Teaching Staff Before Inspection Team!’



In a bid to “get aid and assistance” from All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) SSM College of Engineering and Technology Parihaspora Pattan Tuesday presented some of the students as “faculty members” before a government inspection team.

Reliable sources told CNS that a government team inspected the college to take stock of the facilities, infrastructure and manpower of the SSM College of Engineering and Technology.

Sources added that college authorities had made all the preparations in advance to ‘appease and impress’ the inspecting team and for this purpose many students from several departments including Mechanical Branch were instructed to pose as teaching staff.

“Identity cards were issued for a single day for these fake faculty members (students). The College authorities would have been in trouble in case any of the inspection team members would have cross checked the identity cards of these faculty members (students),” said an insider on condition of anonymity.

They said there is shortage of manpower in the college as a result students suffer whole year. “To give an impression that faculty members are available in abundance for the students, college authorities staged this drama. This drama will cost students heavily. The college is eying quota enhancement. Once satisfied, the inspection team will send a favourable report to AICTE that in turn will recommend Ministry for Human and Resource Development (MRHD) to provide financial aid to the college,” said an insider.

“There is nothing wrong if one or two students acted as faculty members. AICTE demands a lot from the colleges. It only helps a college when there is proper manpower and facilities. SSM College doesn’t lack in infrastructure but it has a bit of shortage of manpower,” Director of Business Schools Dr Nazir Ahmed Shah said.

He added that College needs an increase in intake capacity in Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, and other departments and besides students can pursue MTech here in case inspection team gives a favourable report.

The College head Dilafroz Qazi said, “two to three people (students) from 8th semester were trained and they are acting as teaching staff, receiving stipend from the College.”

“This is one of the best colleges equipped with all kinds of facilities,” she claimed and disowned the statement made by Director Business Schools on her behalf inside the SSM Engineering College Parihaspora Pattan.

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