‘Corporate Kashmir is for Peace, Prosperity; Doesn’t want Anything which Spoils Atmosphere’



Muhammad Yaseen Khan
Muhammad Yaseen Khan

Stating that unending conspiracies were being hatched to allot the land of Jammu and Kashmir to outsiders, the Kashmir Economic Alliance (Y) Chairperson Mohammed Yasin Khan on Tuesday evening cautioned the government that such developments were “dragging the state towards another Amarnath land like agitation”.

In a statement, Khan, who also heads the Kashmir Traders and Manufacturers Federation, said, “the connected series of event suggest that some forces within the government were hell bent to create an atmosphere of unrest while the timings of such conspiracies seem to be a part of a sinister design.”

“On one hand, the state government spokesman has been telling lies after lies to keep his RSS masters happy, whereas the reality is that each and every statement of his with reference to allotment of land to outsiders is proving absolute lie,” Khan said.

He said, “each and every unusual development, which is taking place in the PDP-BJP alliance since last year suggests that the basic motive of every government order is to systematically erode Article 370 and to allot the land to outsiders.”

“Right from the plan for the construction of township for migrant Pandits to development of Sainik Colony, and the Industrial policy to allotment of land to non-locals, is  conspiracy to convert Kashmir into Gaza where the Muslims will finally have to live in ghettos to be ruled by RSS Bhakts,” Khan said.

He said, “as if this all was not enough, the latest has been that the government has started construction of shelters for non-state subjects in the state. In the garb of shelter for downtrodden from outside state, the government wants to permanently settle non state subjects and this is something which we will never tolerate and each and every Kashmiri will fight it tooth and nail.”

“Another thing peculiar was that this all was happening close to June which has witnessed several agitations, the first of which started in 2008 over allotment of 800 kanals forestland to Amarnath Shrine board.  That time it was Amarnath land alone whereas now multiple attempts are being made to grab our land,” Khan said. “This all was enough to convey that the state in general and Kashmir in particular was being dragged towards uncertainty where chaos will rule the streets.”

“If the state government is serious towards creation of peaceful atmosphere, it must instantly revoke all such sinister design orders and make its position clear before the people,” Khan said.

He equally asked Prime Minister Narendra Modi to understand that “such plans”, which look to be “brainchild” of RSS headquarters at Nagpur, “being implemented through PDP”, would only create chaos and unrest, which is against the interests of the sub-continent.

“At a time when the sub-continent, particularly this conflict zone, struggles for peace and prosperity, the designs to deprive Kashmiris of their land will only fester crises,” Khan said adding that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti “must look at the pros and cons of such deals in the broader perspective where peace is being taken hostage”.

Given the “snowballing of controversy” of land allotment to outsiders, Khan said, “it was the duty of the separatist leadership to avoid any chaotic situation where unrest is feared to fuel the state. The separatist mush act through peaceful, one-voice of unified strategy, which prevents the situation from going out of hands, where things end up in loss of previous human lives.”

“The corporate Kashmir is for peace, prosperity and communal brotherhood in all the three regions of the state. We don’t want anything which spoils the atmosphere and drags the state towards another Amarnath like agitation,” Khan said.


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