State’s Own Utility Defaults, Still J&K Nets Rs Rs 2678 Cr



State’s wholly owned State Power Development Corporation has defaulted in paying the water charges but the J&K government has still netted an amount of Rs 2678.96 cr, the state government informed the state legislature on Saturday.

There are two main agencies that are abundant water users and both are in power sector – the NHPC and the SPDC. J&K government has raised a total of Rs 41704.78 cr ever since the state passed a law making water use chargeable. While NHPC has paid the fully full, the SPDC has defaulted for most of the payments’.

NHPC has paid all the bills worth Rs 26589646017. However, the SPDC against which the state government had raised bills worth Rs 15115136070, the actual payment has been a paltry Rs 20 crore.

SPDC, it may be recalled here, is running an issue with the state government as the latter is not paying fully for the energy it is sourcing from the SPDC. This issue has been there for a very long time and the authorities are yet to settle the issue. However, state’s own utility defaulting the state law is emerging an embarrassment for the state government.


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