ISL patron Shakeel Bakhshi
ISL patron Shakeel Bakhshi

Islamic students League Patron Shakeel Bakhshi Friday said that the present situation demands a restraint from “usual statements, Futwa and slanderous campaign against pro-resistance groups, without looking into matter in depth and hold, instead going in public”.

“Matter should have been resolved amicably,” he said in a statement. “Political upper ground leaders should have refrained to comment, prejudicial and biased one and performing their elderly role, to destabilise and defeat the evil designs of India aimed to uproot the Resistance movement. The militant Commanders should have engaged their professional way to investigate the recent confusion, though not jumped to the conclusion, on just hearsay or some press notes on news papers.”

Bakhshi added, “this has just added to the lost credibility, right from 9/11. To sway away by winds, of those who changed the tide, is disastrous for present crucial time. It is an important responsibility of the resistance leaders at this crucial time after polls to understand the evil designs of enemy with a statesmanship and not to (get) into the web and become a part of anarchist Plan.”

The statement quoting him further said, “even in past, when the movement was in infancy stage, the same character assassination was hatched against Ashfaq Majid Wani, Azam Inqilabi, Yasin Malik and Shabir Shah by declaring them proclaimed offenders and rest fell in that trap.” “History repeats itself.”

 Senior Bakhshi said, “let we not be the part of the great sin, to the concealment of truth. Those who shed their blood can’t equate with those who enjoy all luxury of Blood.”


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