Struggle of Kashmir Also A Continuation of Karbala: Malik

KL Report


“The battle of Karbala teaches us freedom, humanity bravery and Courage. The sacrifices of imam Hussein (RA) and his family in Karbala are a historic event that no human can forget ever,” this was stated by the chairman JKLF Mohammad Yasin Malik while addressing a Husseini Majlis Thursday that was held at Basant Bagh Gaw Kadal.

Malik said that to promote religious and sectarian brotherhood and unity among Muslims, JKLF has been doing its bit and will continue its efforts in future also. He said that the battle of Karbala teaches us to remain steadfast against tyrants and support oppressed. “This battle provides a lesson to fight for freedom, truth and justice. Therefore whosoever claims to be a follower of Imam Hussain RA has to support oppressed and fight the tyrants and tyranny.”

As per a local news agency, KNS, Malik said that the struggle of Kashmir is also a continuation of Karbala. “Like Karba here oppressed are up against the oppressors. In this struggle the oppressed are less in number, their Equipments are inferior and their apparent conditions are worst but their struggle is just and based on truth. Therefore it is obligatory on every one who attaches himself with Hussain and Hussainiat to be with the oppressed and against the oppressors.”

Malik said that history of the world bears witness to the fact that in the battle between truths and false, truth despite its worldly shortcomings always emerged victorious and Insha-Allah in Kashmir also truth will prevail and Kashmir will surely join the nations that are independent and free. Emphasizing at the need of safeguarding unity and brotherhood, Malik said that our unity is our strength and adhering to the Foundations of Deen we all believe in, we will have to shun our small and petty differences to defeat those who want to divide us in the name of creed and sect.


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