Summer vacation a political decision: Khan


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Terming the abrupt closure of educational institutions for summer vacation as a ‘political decision’, National Front Chairman and Hurriyat (JK) leader Nayeem Ahmad Khan Tuesday called India as a strategic partner of Israel.

“When the puppets of New Delhi saw Kashmiri students started coming on roads against Israel, they used the Israeli tactics and announced summer vacation in the valley,” Khan said in a statement.

He said that Kashmiri students coming out against injustice is a positive sign which proves that the new Kashmiri generation is aware about right and wrong and it is able to take decisions on its own. “It is this sane generation which can break the chains of slavery and lead the nation to the destination of freedom,” Khan said while praising the student fraternity.

Khan said that Kashmiri people better understand the pain and agony of the Palestinian because they too are the victims of ‘aggression’. “The partners of Israel have killed our one lakh people so far and they massacred our innocent youth in 2008 and 2010 on the Israeli pattern,” Khan said.

Khan expressed his concern on the situation of Gaza and said that they are being bombarded on the time of Iftaar and Sehri during the present month of Ramdhan which only exhibits the cruelty and Muslim hate of the Israel.

Khan called upon every justice loving person of the world to raise his/her voice against the ongoing aggression of Israel.


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