By Muzamil Khan

Basic education is a right and not a privilege. It is the government’s responsibility to provide its people the kind of education they deserve. The government  should promote the right of all citizens to quality education. And also it should take appropriate steps to make such education accessible to all.

Image of School building under construction( KL Image: Muzamil Khan)

But in Gurez, tucked away among rolling hills & mountains, this is not without challenges. One crisis in the educational system is the lack of classrooms. It threatens the learning at schools in Gurez. The students learn at the playground & have to rush somewhere when it rains. Also, they’re unable to concentrate and this affects their performance. Especially in Autumn and winter, it’s too cold there and unrealistic to teach outside. The schools also lack facilities like latrines, libraries & laboratories.

There’s no substitute for schooling in a classroom setting. Classrooms are needed to make learning possible. The children of Gurez are too entitled to quality classrooms, teachers & textbooks.
Government High school Achoora is awaiting completion of construction of its building for last four years. The school was upgraded fourteen years ago, but the students of  the school are  still studying  in Middle school  building  which  has    only  four rooms.

Under construction building of school from last four years (KL Image: Muzamil Khan)

The construction of school buildings has been a long process and is taking over years to be built. Classroom shortage has outlived the successive governments. The locals have presented their concerns to the government but nothing has been forthcoming.

Appeals for help has yielded nothing. It’s high time, the deficiency in classrooms should be resolved. The government should come to the aid before the situation gets worse.

(Muzamil Khan reports for Kashmir Life from Gurez. This has been published under #WeAreListening campaign of Kashmir Life for Sunday. The details are authors own.)


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