By Arifa Habib

I am very thankful to Kashmir life that they today gave me a chance to inform about the problems of concerned area. This is a golden step taken by KL.

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Now the main problem in Bandipora is that water pipe connection given by PHE is without filter plant and we all the residents are suffering from so many diseases especially children due to this contaminated water.

Second issue is macdamization of road from Bandipora to Srinagar .As this road is vital and among highways then why it is always neglected by the government.

As a citizen, it is my duty to look into the problems present in my locality whenever I visit the Government or private hospitals, there are present so many children suffering from water borne diseases. Mothers are always found on rioads to protest plight of their children and try to awake government from slumber.

I am requesting government through this valuable newspaper, please our problem should be solved as soon as possible.

Residents of Kaloosa , Nathpora , Watapora ,Qazipora ,Putusha & Panjigaam.

(Arifa Habib reports for Kashmir Life from Bandipora. This has been published under #WeAreListening campaign of Kashmir Life for Sunday. The details are authors own.)




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