By Bakshy Yasir

I would like to bring to the notice of concerned authorities the miserable condition of roads and drainage in my locality, Ration lane Natipora, Srinagar.

The roads are dilapidated, as a result, people face it difficult to walk on the road. Moreover, vehicles cannot move smoothly.

There are pits & ditches on the road, everywhere. The condition of the road becomes all the worst during the rainy season.

Condition of road in Natipora (KL Image: Bakshy Yasir)

It is more worrisome during night. People sometimes stumble down. The residents are in deep distress on this account and they have repeatedly expressed their resentment but nothing has so far been done except some rough work done two years ago.

There is a drainage constructed some five years ago but to our dismay the same is defunct due to the ill-engineering. Often the drain water flows on the road which cause great hindrances to pedestrian as well as vehicukar movement.

The pits have become the breeding place for mosquitoes and there is every apprehension that it may lead to spread of malaria and other dreaded diseases especially among the children.

Now it is requested through your means to the concerned to kindly look into the matter and get the roads and drainage repair & constructed without any further delay.

(Bakshy Yasir reports for Kashmir Life from Natipora. This has been published under #WeAreListening campaign of Kashmir Life for Sunday. The details are authors own.)



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