By Rayees Rehman

Living in countryside is actually a privilege for there is not much noise pollution and air pollution as compared to urban areas but at the same time I would like to state quite candidly that life here is at times frustrating.

Rayees Rehman

In this modern era, roads are vital and have their own significance.

Commute and Transportation are two daily based activities which have direct impact on peoples’ lives and in fact livelihood. Bad roads means bad and malfunctioning of these two very important activities.
Extremely dilapidated and bumpy roads are taking a heavy toll on our lives besides the dust contributing towards very dangerous air pollution which hitherto was not a great concern for us but now poses a huge threat to our virgin atmosphere and its tranquility.

Roads play a very colossal role in forging a surge and uplift in trade and consequently economy.
People who have borrowed hefty sums from banks and bought vehicles in order to make a living are also at the receiving end. They work so hard day in and day out to feed their families and repay their loans but after a few years they see their vehicles in extremely bad condition which stalls their progress and they come to a standstill.

This problem also owes it origin to the menace of bad condition of roads.
Let me underpin my argument, Vehicles plying on roads in Srinagar or Sopore are much more efficient and outlive those plying in our hapless villages.
We want to make a fervent appeal to the authorities concerned to cast a glance at our tattered and worn out roads and help us in this grim situation by macadamizing and widening our roads so could also believe in your equitable development.
(Rayees Rehman reports for Kashmir Life from Tujjar Shrief, Sopore. This has been published under #WeAreListening campaign of Kashmir Life for Sunday. The details are authors own.)




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