Support Offer Conveyed Through Trusted Intermediary, Formally: NC


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Responding to Peoples Democratic Party that National Conference should assure support to PDP to form government in J&K ‘formally’, the NC Friday said that its offer of support to PDP stands intact as has been expressed by the Party Working President Omar Abdullah, a party statement said.

“It is PDP that needs numbers as it has emerged as the single largest party short of the mark of majority in the Assembly. If they want our support, they can ask for it formally,” the NC spokesperson said.

Pertinently, after Omar offered its support to PDP after the assembly elections threw up a hung assembly to form next dispensation in J&K, PDP’s Syed Altaf Bukhari Wednesday had told a Srinagar based newspaper that if NC was sincere it should formally assure its support and PDP would consider it and would ‘move ahead’.

“Our offer has been conveyed first by the Party Working President through the public domain, then we have issued a statement offering such a support and the support offer has also been conveyed verbally directly to PDP through a trusted intermediary formally. It is on record. It is a serious offer and stands as it is. Now it is for PDP to approach National Conference for our support if they choose to seek it. The ball lies in their court, not ours,” the statement further said.

The spokesperson further said, “bringing up ridiculous objections to the medium of such an offer of support cannot be PDP’s alibi for not coming up with a clear, unambiguous response.”

Refuting reports of an alleged “letter” written by NC to PDP, NC Spokesperson said, “We are not begging PDP to accept our support that we would write letters to them. Did PDP seek a letter of support from BJP before authorizing their leader and MP Muzaffar Hussain Beigh to enter into talks with the BJP? Why ask NC for a letter then? They are the single largest party and have various options to cobble together a government. They can choose what they want to do. Our offer is one of the options they have. If they want it, they should reciprocate. No letters will be written from NC,” the NC Spokesperson said.

“The ball continues to lie in their court. Our offer has been formally conveyed through an appropriate channel and no further efforts need to be made from our side. We continue to hope that PDP will respond in a clear, unambiguous manner,” the statement said.


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