Suspension of Geelani’s Passport: ‘It is Question Mark on Indian Democratic Claims’



Terming the suspension of Passport its Chairperson Syed Ali Geelani as a “big question mark” over the “democratic claims of India”, Tehreek-e-Hurriyat Wednesday said, “this country is actually an imperialistic power which has enslaved the entire Kashmiri nation with the help of its military might and doesn’t want that the voices of the subjugated people of this region to reach to the outer world.”

“By suspending the passport of Geelani, India proved that they have no justification of holding Kashmir under the power of gun and they are scared of Geelani’s participation in the international events,” a statement issued by Tehreek-e-Hurriyat said this evening.

“Geelani was invited by the OIC to the New York conference and he had decided to participate in the event. In this respect he had applied for visa from the USA embassy in New Delhi and had received green signal in that matter but on 22 September Srinagar passport office informed us through emailed that Geelani’s passport has been suspended,” the statement informed. “It is the fascist attitude of the Indian rulers and it has no moral or constitutional justification.”

“Hurriyat appeals the OIC to take serious notice of the suspension of the passport of Geelani and pressurize India for its release,” the statement said.


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