Tarigami demands white paper on killings

KL Report


The state Marxist leader, MY Tarigami on Tuesday demanded white paper in all the killings in Kashmir which happened here in last two decades.

Tarigami was speaking in the discussion in legislative assembly which was allowed after adjournment motions of PDP and Tarigami were accepted. Tarigami said, “He said people are expandable.”

“There is need to bring accountability in all killings in Kashmir,” Tarigami said during his high pitched speech. “But I am afraid the way things are taking shape, people lose confidence by every passing day.”

“I accept that nobody can give orders to kill any person but let CM come forward with a white paper on the killings and the investigations in them,” Tarigami said.

Tarigami said that Indian Prime Minister is on record to say that no such condition should be created which would demoralize the security forces in the state.

“I want to remind the Prime Minister of India what about the demoralization which has already set in people due to situation,” he said.


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