Tarigami Hopes PM Will Revamp Stalled Peace Process In Kashmir

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Urging India and Pakistan to reverse the self-destructive path and take bold initiatives to address the vexed Kashmir issue, the CPI (M) State Secretary Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami has said people expect Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh’s proposed visit to Kashmir would be more purposeful with regard to stalled peace process aimed at resolution of Kashmir issue.

The CPI (M) leader said with the peaceful democratic transition and the return of Mian Nawaz Sharif to power in Pakistan; both the countries need to make serious efforts to turn a new leaf in their relations.  “People of Kashmir are forced to bear the brunt of disruptions in Indo-Pak dialogue. Now the time has come when New Delhi and Islamabad should make serious efforts to turn a new leaf in their relations. For this the leadership has to exhibit will and capacity to move forward and revamp the stalled peace process,” Tarigami stressed.

Reiterating his demand for implementation of half-way left out recommendations of the working groups constituted by the Prime Minister himself, Tarigami said people of Jammu and Kashmir have the right to know the fate of the recommendations of the Working Groups and Prime Minister must take the people of Kashmir into confidence about the measures taken to implement these recommendations.

“I urge upon the Prime Minister to take concrete steps during his tenure to initiate a result oriented dialogue with Pakistan and the main stake holders,” Tarigami observed, adding that the resolution of Kashmir issue is in the interest of both countries to bring peace and prosperity in South Asia. “It is ironic that the money which both the countries should have utilized for the welfare of the poor and the hungry is being utilized to keep vigil on glaciers. The two countries should end the path of confrontation and go for reconciliation to resolve all outstanding issues including Siachen, Sir Creek and Kashmir.”

He said rigidities must be replaced with flexibilities and both the leaderships and the people of the two neighbouring countries should realise urgency of this commitment. The CPI (M) leader remarked that mere rhetoric won’t do.  “Besides, free and fair political processes, measures like extra-economic investment, jobs to the youth, rebuilding of social institutions are urgently required to address the alienation among the people.”

Tarigami said that one fails to understand why was the report of interlocutors appointed by the government of India shelved without paying any heed to the recommendations given by the group. “People hope the interlocutors report will be reconsidered and pro-people recommendations given by the group are implemented without any further delay,” he added.

With the Prime Minister’s proposed visit to Kashmir, the CPI (M) State Secretary said expectations are running high among the people that Dr Singh will announce some major Kashmir-specific initiatives.


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