Tarigami Takes On Govt On Fund Lapses, Non-Implementation Of Board Meeting Decisions

KL Report


The CPI (M) State Secretary Mohammad Yousuf Tarigami today took strong exception of the fund lapses and non implementation of board meeting decisions in the state.

Speaking in the Legislative Assembly, Tarigami said more than Rs 1500 crores under various Centrally Sponsored Schemes have lapsed and the government has so far failed to fix the reasonability. However, Ajay Sadhotra minister for planning said that the funds under these schemes do not get lapsed but are revalidated. “The funds under centrally sponsored schemes not lapse but are revalidated at the end of the year,” the minister informed.

The CPI (M) leader however, questioned the ability of using the funds, saying that when the funds would accumulated, it would become very difficult for the government to spend them on developmental works. “When you are not able to spend these funds during the year how will you spend them another year,” he asked.

He also questioned the government’s inability to submit utilization of funds certificate before the Planning Commission.



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