‘Tearing PDP Hoardings NC’s handiwork’

KL Report


Frustrated by the growing ‘popularity’ of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and its own decimation in recently held Lok Sabha elections, the National Conference has now stooped to a new low by tearing apart hoardings conveying Eid-ul-Fitr greetings to people, a party statement said.

The main opposition party in state legislature Thursday alleged that PDP hoardings had been put up at various public utilities across Amira Kadal constituency conveying Eid-ul-Fitr greetings from party patron Mufti Mohammad Sayeed and party’s candidate from Amira Kadal Syed Altaf Bukhari and all these hoardings have been either torn off or damaged by the Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) on the ‘direction’ of National Conference. “These hoardings were placed legally after securing all permissions. It is unlawful that PDP is being targeted since similar hoardings portraying Dr Farooq Abdullah and other NC leaders including Chief Minister Omar Abdullah were kept intact for months together by the same SMC,” party general secretary Muhammad Dilawar Mir added.

Strongly condemning the action of SMC in which its officials ‘tore apart’ these hoardings installed at various places in the city Mir said that the occurrence is a sign of intolerance and the level of frustration within National Conference circles especially its candidate from Amira Kadal which seems extremely un-nerved by his inevitable defeat in the upcoming assembly elections.

Mir termed the action on part of Srinagar Municipal Corporation as ‘illegal and unwarranted’ as the hoardings have been booked under a proper procedure and against proper receipts. “National Conference has a distinction of diluting the institutions in the state and now the misuse of the corporations like SMC is the height of its political bankruptcy and prejudice.  The latest action on part of NC through its political organ SMC is just to sabotage PDP’s sincere efforts to further strengthen its social fabric and reach out to its own people,” Mir remarked.

He said, “misuse of government machinery by National Conference to propagate its nefarious political designs is not acceptable and will never be tolerated by the political mature people of the State especially in Srinagar.” He added that like in recently held Lok Sabha elections people of the state have now decided to teach National Conference a lesson in the upcoming assembly elections.

The PDP general secretary further said history bears witness that for the sake of power National Conference can go to any extent, circulate hatred, divide the society, use people’s miseries for their political gains and even it can set the state on fire or its petty political interests. “People know that NC is trying its best to survive through its pre-poll sops and political manoeuvrings but it can never achieve anything out of its cheap politicking and juvenile actions. People are able enough to comprehend these political gimmicks and will never allow this party to succeed in its machinations,” he added.

Mir said that NC is resorting to such methods as they have nothing to present to the people of Srinagar which it claims to be representing in the Legislative Assembly. “PDP won’t be deterred by such tactics and will continue its efforts of reaching out to all people in the state especially in Srinagar that has been neglected to the hilt by the National Conference,” the PDP General Secretary pledged.


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