Technical board takes students for a ride, alleges parents


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The parents of the students of polytechnic colleges of Kashmir Monday lashed out at the technical board authorities for taking students on a ride.

A delegation of such parents today visited Kashmir Life and accused the technical board authorities of ruining the careers of thousands of students by implementing wrong policies.

Muhammad Ismail, one of the parents, said, “The board has introduced odd-even system, which has created problems for the students who had a backlog in any subject previously. He will have to wait one year to complete that paper. This system will waste one precious year of the students,” he complained.

He said that this is nowhere in the educational policy and has been initiated here. “We fail to understand why government takes such steps which ruins the career’s of the students.”

One of the students said that some of the students have varied registration numbers on Roll No slips and marks cards which has led to a massive confusion among the student community.

Besides, some students complained that they have been shown absent in some of the practical papers even though they were present in the exams.

While talking to Kashmir Life, secretary technical education, Mr Mehmood said, “Earlier we used to spend almost 4 months with exams in March and December sessions. While 2 months were consumed by winter vacations.”

By that logic students had only 6 months to study, he said, “Therefore to abolish that system we have introduced a new system of odd and even semesters.”

He acknowledged that some students will face problems due to this new system and apprised their complaints would be entertained and discussed. “We will look into the matter and come up with a solution for the concerned students.”

Commenting on the complaints about different registration numbers, Mehmood said that they had informed such students through text messages to report to the concerned officials and get their records corrected.

“Such students should approach us and we will obviously get their records updated,” he said.

Mehmood also assured that the attendance of the “absentee” students will be rechecked from their respective colleges.  “I assure you that their attendance will be rechecked and accordingly their award rolls will be updated.”


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