The Dance Of Democracy


Tasavur Mushtaq


As the first phase of polling ended peacefully, the day witnessed brisk polling in almost every assembly segment. With lows and highs, the overall percentage recorded is 70 per cent. Kashmir Life’s Bilal Bahadur was on toes from eight in the morning to click the dance of democracy in Kashmir.


Reports suggest that 70 per cent overall polling percentage has been recorded in fifteen assembly segments across Jammu and Kashmir. The enthusiasm was seen more in youth, while according to reports the seniors were also having a ‘change’ of mood.


Frail old man coming out of polling station. Having seen many past elections, the man told Kashmir Life, ‘i braved odds to make my presence felt.’


This time around women who came to vote in huge number had no fear of being clicked. unlike the past,


Deployed to maintain law and order, the policeman could be seen in helping handicapped woman to reach polling station.


As the man who came out to vote this time did not mind to be frisked. He is happy as he displays the voter slip


Though the voter turnout was brisk, the security agencies across the state kept strict vigil. Later evening the reports reaching this office suggest that, ‘this time even stone pelters voted for change.’

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