There Are Grave Doubts Over Afzal Guru’s Involvement In Parliament Attack, Says P Chidambaram



P Chidambaram
P Chidambaram

At a time when Afzal Guru is making the media go gaga in Delhi and elsewhere, the former top minister in UPA government has now admitted that Afzal’s hanging wasn’t a correct decision.

It took P Chidambaram nearly three years after the UPA government ordered the hanging of Afzal Guru to speak that there were “grave doubts about the extent of his involvement” in the 2001 Parliament attack.

“I think it is possible to hold an honest opinion that the Afzal Guru case was perhaps not correctly decided,” Chidambaram, who held home and finance portfolios in UPA government, told ET in an interview.

Afzal Guru was held responsible in the attack on Parliament in 2001 and was executed in 2013, when Sushilkumar Shinde was home minister.

“There were grave doubts about his involvement (in the conspiracy behind the attack on Parliament and even if he was involved, there were grave doubts about the extent of his involvement. He could have been imprisoned for life without parole for rest of his natural life,” he said.

When reminded that was part of the same government that executed Guru, Chidambaram replied: “That is true, but I was not the home minister then…I can’t say what I would have done. It is only when you sitting on that seat you take that decision.”


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